Friday, October 11, 2013

guest mix: faction

For this guest mix, I bring you one of the most diverse mixes that I've had the pleasure in hosting. I was contacted by FACTION not to long ago about hosting a mix. I gladly gave his mix POD ): 101 a listen and was not quite ready to be so completely blown away like I was! It's really a very rare treat to find someone whose ears and mind are so big that they create an epic like this with so many elements, colors, moods, transitions, and dynamics in one sitting. It's mind boggling how many different songs (38!) are in the ingredients list, but it comes off like a really deep concept album more so than a mix. Listening to this, you easily get the sense that Faction just hears things differently. Everyone who creates mixes manages to pull things together and try to create their own voice with what's available. Faction is speaking in tongues.

As I've mentioned before, I host what I wish that I had created, and POD ): 101 is absolutely no exception. I will have to say that this is not mix that you'll use to sleep to, but rather one that demands your undivided attention; you don't want to miss a single mood that gets thrown your way. I haven't yet been able to find another mix that so effortlessly and honestly weaves such deep ambient sounds together with pulsating dub and trippy commentary, and make it so organic. In my opinion, it would be a welcome challenge for anyone to live up to the high standard that Faction has set. If there's one mix that has deservedly made it to my sacred bike ride playlist, it's this one. Use this for your commutes, as background and foreground, and be ready to have your mind blown. 

Thanks, Faction for letting the world dig in on your unbelievable creation. I'm truly honored that you allowed me the opportunity in having a part in getting this out there. You can follow Faction at his MIXCLOUD page, and his SOUNDCLOUD page. Enjoy!


  • An Intro (Great Dictator Speech) - Owsey
  • Trees Of Evening - Manual & Syntaks
  • Stokes Croft 5AM - Bass Clef
  • A Conversation at Sea - Nacht Plank
  • Passage - NQ
  • Altibzz - Autechre
  • Cyan Sept IV - NQ
  • Via Three Alone Phone - Offthesky/Juxta Phona
  • Hugo II - Murcof
  • Variation Cybernétique: Rhythmic Pataphysic - (Part I) -  DJ Spooky
  • When Only Sand Remains - Kaya Project
  • Breathwork - Coleco
  • The Cold In You - Phaeleh
  • One Blood, One Source (Distance Remix) - Pinch/Rudey Lee
  • Music For Adults - I'm Not A Gun
  • Metamorphis - Original mix - Trentemoller
  • Void 2 - Lorn
  • Untitled - Phonem
  • 2 - H1009 - Herrmann & Kleine
  • Unknown - Unknown
  • Tigris - Phonem
  • Chocolate Skull - Squonjax
  • Hopeless Emptiness - Thomas Newman
  • Nazar Shaam - Hector Zazou
  • New Old Land - Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Locust songs - Blue Mar Ten
  • Suffer - Glen Porter
  • Soon Enough - Yppah
  • Warm Circuits - Manual
  • 031221 (Theme For A Wordless Moment) - Blamstrain
  • Howl - Jónsi & Alex
  • Apex Twin - Apex Twin
  • Resignacion - Murcof
  • Stranger Smiled At Me - Vector Lovers
  • Cendre - Fennesz/Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Zitadelle - Studio Pankow
  • I See My Mother - Poliça
  • Brother - Tycho

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