Friday, October 18, 2013

guest mix: akrrrs

So far, I've been absolutely blessed with receiving and reviewing all the of the mixes that I've requested to host. Almost all of what I've gotten have been posted in some manner already, I just do my best to help them get 'out there' any way that I can, because I believe that such incredible mood altering expressions need a bigger outlet. This time, I was afforded with an absolutely new song, and allowed to upload it to Mixcloud, and post it here. Way stoked about this!

For this posting, I bring you AKRRRS, who is a fairly recent discovery of mine that has caught my attention through his Dream Sequence series. I've downloaded quite a lot of them via his MIXCRATE page (you will need to create an account to download anything there), and I've had some serious tranquil moments while taking in the deep, soothing sounds that encompass my ears and mind. The music that I've been fortunate to have gathered has prompted me to make a special bedtime playlist which I absolutely cherish. He seems to have an incredible library of consistently great music, and creates such beautiful soundscapes with them. His mixes consistently take me to a horizon upon the outer reaches of the mental solar system, and set me down gently in complete solitude. Not only does akrrrs create such masterful mixes, his artwork for his mixes are absolutely unrivaled and express the beauty of the mixes on the visual front. After taking in his mixes, your mind will be clear, your stamina increased (post-nap). You'll also notice an increase in mental energy, logic and reasoning, and clarity. And libido. No, I'm not kidding, it's science, and totally proven, I think. Uh, trust me...

akrrrs hails to us from the northeastern part of England, and has spent his 'formative' years in Leeds and Manchester. Although he began as a DJ spinning techno and jungle beats in the early 90's, ambient has always been a big part of his musical love (you can still hear small flourishes of older artists like Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, and Global Communication [one of my favorites] in his mixes). He initially started making more ambient-based mixes to soothe his pregnant wife (good medicine, my friend!), and later found that making more beatless mixes didn't disturb his kids. Something about two birds with one stone here.

I've named his special presentation mix 'SEQUENTIAL DREAM' in honor of what he's done so far. I've also included an additional 2 of his mixes that I keep coming back to (#4 and #28). I have to tell you, picking out only 2 others within an enormous collection was a very daunting task as there is an extensive wealth great music available. This offering is a complete treasure chest of soundscapes and tranquil moods; you will not be disappointed.

akrrrs, thank you so much for allowing me to post your music and help bring it to those who would have otherwise not had a chance to hear it. In my opinion, your mixes are some of the best, and I look forward to hearing new ones all the time. I guarantee the listener a peaceful, and extremely pleasant listening experience. Visit him on his MIXCLOUD page and take in some more beautiful sounds. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...




  • Watermarked Memories - G√ľnter Schlienz
  • Movement 3 - Samantha Glass           
  • Unicorn - Four Tet           
  • Drifters Gold - White Poppy           
  • Bottom-Up Pause - Pausal           
  • Hayale Dalmak - Esmerine           
  • Poleganala e Todora - Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir
  • Miniature 9 - Matthew Robert Cooper                       
  • Vizion - Machinedrum           
  • My Device - Lorn           
  • By Buildings - Steve Hauschildt           
  • Moonpool - Panabrite           
  • Preform Perform - Joseph Lawrence Quimby Jr           
  • Flower Of Hope - Felix K           
  • Sega Sunset - Lorn

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