Sunday, June 1, 2014

mixcloud charts

It came to a bit of a surprise that recently Mixcloud started charting releases. With each tag, there is a weekly rating of how each mix is with reference to the ratio of plays to likes (or some such sorcery and math, it all confuses me). FOR THE LONELY SOULS somehow has ended up on the chart for electronic music and also for ambient music. Not only that, it's doing well (not as many plays as everything around it, but the likes per play make a huge difference, I assume). I've reached 12th on the electronic charts (with Mixmaster Morris leading the march!), and 13th on the ambient charts. Very, very happy and stoked to be supported like this from listeners in the biggest way. It really makes my day, no doubt, and I thank everyone that listens and likes. I have some great things planned this year, and glad to be a part of the Mixcloud family! Peace.


(edit: as of the 2nd of June, the mix reached 10th in the Electronic charts and 11th in the Ambient very cool!)

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