Friday, July 11, 2014

rusted sun collective

Just did a collaborative EP with 2 other musicians (Javier Bilbao and Jon Wheeler aka PETAL) in a group effort entitled RUSTED SUN COLLECTIVE. We call the release 'Communicate'. With the download comes all the artwork that tags the files (each song has a different set of artwork tagged to it). We were blessed by CARAS IONUT to be allowed to tag our song 'For The Father We Never Found' with his artwork entitled 'Fresh Air' (many, MANY thanks to him for that!). Please pay him a visit on his website! To quote the narrative from the Bandcamp page:

"Rusted Sun Collective is a collaborative effort that allows different independent musicians to gravitate towards the similar mindset of creating a common artistic output. Communicate represents the ability to ignore boundaries of time and distance, and instead focusing on the cohesion that occurs when working with colors and sound."

I will be co-managing the entire RUSTED SUN netlabel duties with Jon Wheeler. We will do more Rusted Sun Collective releases, that will feature a revolving set of musicians that contribute collaborations. I have a few more musicians lined up, and hope to have another release out before the end of the year. The music will remain free. DOWNLOAD the release, and keep up with us as we will offer more amazing compositions in the future. Peace.


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