Sunday, January 26, 2014

andrew hoffman with the slow drift

As a regular listener and supporter of ANDREW HOFFMAN'S THE SLOW DRIFT broadcast, I get a good fill of weekly mental overhauls. Like many of my favorite mix artists, Andrew consistently amazes me with his musical selections and his flawless transitions. I have to say, most everything that I hear coming from Andrew is new to me, and sends me on a search for the artists' other works that are represented. His latest mix, entitled simply EPISODE 023 (THE WINTER MIX) is the perfect companion for the snowy winter that we've been having here in the Northeastern US states at this time.

In this particular mix, Andrew brings us some of the best classical approaches to ambient that I've heard in a very long time. Ever since I first heard ON THE DAYLIGHT OF DAYLIGHT from Max Richter, I've been a big fan of the classical colors in traditional ambient. To say that this mix will stay at the top of the mountain for me is a complete understatement. Very nice that he's using different sources of media for his selections (vinyl and cassette make appearances, which is great). I sometimes forget how much I miss vinyl warmth until I hear it. For those that crave the nostalgia of really good radio (meaning not being bombarded with commercials and distractions), this is by far the best thing on the air that is real radio, with Andrew being the perfect host for format and program. The best thing about The Slow Drift broadcast is that the mixes continue to get better and better. That makes it really difficult to wait a whole week to get my next ambient fix. If I have one small complaint about the mix, it's that Andrew reminds me that it's the closing track for the mix! Really over way too soon. I mentally hang on to the last beautiful sounds as they begin to slip away.

You can (and should absolutely!) tune into The Slow Drift on Fridays from 7:00-8:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on WRFI COMMUNITY RADIO (88.1 FM in Ithaca, NY and 91.9 FM in Watkins Glen, NY). I'll wait while you mark your calendar. Okay. You can also download Andrew's past mixes (yes, it's like your birthday today) at THE SLOW DRIFT website and stream his mixes from his MIXCLOUD page. Be sure to show Andrew the support and love. I've provided an additional download link (from his site) below for Episode 023 (The Winter Mix). Thanks for making such a truly beautiful and inspiring work of art. Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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