Wednesday, January 22, 2014

guest mix: sofamixes

For this episode of Spaceman's Transmissions, I'm proud to present the appropriately named SOFAMIXES. I was given this (upon request, natch) quite a long time ago, and have let its beauty saturate my mind upon many occasions. Well, now that we've had quite a bit of snow in Maryland and having spent the last few hours outside making snowballs and running around with the kids, I came in to thaw out with some hot chocolate, a hot potato, and this mix. Got to say, I'm having a very difficult time trying to figure out the best part of getting warm. I'm guessing the music.

As I stare out the window at the snow outside on this graciously clear (but cold!) day, this mix is providing the perfect backdrop to my current mental state. The picture on the left is from my dining room, overlooking a portion of the field where my kids and I build snowmen, make snow angels, and beat each other down with snowballs. Honestly, I really don't know how or why the picture is actually snowing. I shot some video, but I didn't think that it came out until I looked in my queue of pictures to post and saw this. How does that happen?

Sofamixes hails to us from Ghent, Belgium, and hosts some very eclectic and interesting mixes. Even a FRANK ZAPPA MIX, how cool is that (I love Zappa). Sofamixes has been quite busy with another Mixcloud profile under the name OSCAR LOMAN, supplying us with old-time mixes that feature some of the best artwork that I've seen. Be sure to get a pleasant earful from both mix profiles, and for those inclined for a second Winter Wanderland mix, it can be found HERE. Allow this mix to warm your soul in the frigid winter months, and let it's peaceful intent provide you an aural blanket that thaws your mind and body.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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