Monday, January 6, 2014

sight becomes sound

It's pretty obvious that one thing that attracts us to music is that it's a marker for events in our lives. How many times have we heard a song from the past and been transported the that particular time and place that brands a moment to the music? There's no better way to recreate the sense of experiences than from music that surrounds particular events, so that we can recall and relive these special periods again and again. And film makers know this. They create the anxiety, elation, pride, and so on that envelopes character's actions.

With this offering, I've chosen to create a mix of offerings from films. A lot of times, I'll really tune into the music in a film, and make it a point to search the music out. I have a lot of soundtracks, and I do listen to them quite often. I didn't put a lot of things on this that I would have liked, as I tried to stick with a particular format. Some of my favorites soundtracks that didn't make the cut are Devdas, Purple Rain (I have every Prince album!), The Truth About Charlie, Sprout, Oceans Eleven or Twelve, A.I., A Beautiful Mind, Amelie, Hair, etc., and so on. I purposely tried to steer clear (as well as I could) from the very dark and orchestral heavy soundtrack music that exists more prominently, and chose pieces that ebbed and flowed with organic transitions.

I hope that you like this mix. Popcorn is optional. Throughout your life, when you hear a sound or song that inspires you, let inspiration become moment specific. No one has the same life soundtrack as you do. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


  • 00:00 - 'Dream March' by Brian Tyler from Six String Samurai Soundtrack
  • 00:52 - 'Transmissions' from Ben Lovett From The Signal Soundtrack
  • 05:16 - 'El Greco' by Vangelis from El Greco
  • 15:03 - 'Numbers' by Jamin Wynans from Ink: The Complete Soundtrack
  • 16:19 - 'Love On A Real Train (Risky Business)' by Tangerine Dream from Risky Business
  • 20:02 - 'Locker Room 1 (Dialogue)' from Napoleon Dynamite
  • 20:17 - 'Old Souls' by Hans Zimmer from Inception Soundtrack
  • 25:50 - 'Structure & Discipline' from Thomas Newman from American Beauty Soundtrack
  • 28:50 - 'Goodbye' by Kevin Shields from Lost In Translation Soundtrack
  • 31:08 - 'Monsters In The Field' by Jamin Wynans from Ink: The Complete Soundtrack
  • 32:20 - 'One Million Dollars' by Ben Lovett from The Last Lullaby Soundtrack
  • 34:13 - 'Wall Of Breath' by Peter Gabriel from The Last Temptation Of Christ Soundtrack
  • 36:18 - 'Alternate Ending Montage' by John Swihart from Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack
  • 38:47 - 'Sometimes It Snows In April' by Prince from Parade
  • 45:30 - 'River Of Collections' by Paul Cantelon from Everything Is Illuminated Soundtrack
  • 47:21 - 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Excerpt)' by Buck Sanders & Marco Beltrami from Warm Bodies (Original Motion Picture Score)
  • 48:55 - 'A Sense Of Home' by Peter Gabriel from Long Walk Home: Music From The Rabbit-Proof Fence Soundtrack
  • 50:49 - 'The Tower' by Marcelo Zarvos from Sin Nombre
  • 52:14 - 'Spotkanie Z Matka' by Vangelis from Blade Runner Trilogy: 25th Anniversary
  • 56:59 - 'Aningaaq' by Steven Price from Gravity

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