Sunday, January 20, 2013

soundtrack for time travel

I knew that in a prior post I said that I wasn't going to publish commentary, but I think that I can finally break silence at this point. I really want to talk about the mixes that I'm making, and I have some great ones planned.

It's been a while since I was able to post. I bought a new house and made a move over the past month. It was a very mentally and physically taxing process which is actually not over yet (but very, very close). I didn't have internet for a month, which made things difficult (sadly). But now I'm back up, and stoked about that.

This mix was made just before I started packing up my belongings to be moved (I did move all my belongings myself, cleaned and painted, over 10,000 pounds worth of crap). So the mix has been able to simmer a bit, and I've listened to it with great pleasure. I'm extremely excited to have discovered a few new gems (Cosmic Hoffmann, Divinity, and Johan Agebjorn) as well as had the opportunity to work with some reliable others (Adam Fielding, Between Interval, Global Communication).