Monday, December 25, 2017

merry christmas

Hoping that everyone all over the world will have a prosperous and peaceful 2018. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from your dedicated staff at Spaceman's Transmissions!



Sunday, December 24, 2017

my favorite releases of 2017

This has to be the most stressful event for the entire year! Hahaha! Picking what seems like a handful of favorite releases out of a mountain of amazing music is not an easy task. That said, saying that this is all that I really, really love, or that these are my only favorite releases is a fallacy. I guess that it came down to narrowing ones that would fit safely within a picture. Ha! Some of the releases have music that is not only ambient on them, but I love the music regardless. Anything that I've used this year (which I'm quite certain is a whole lot) is something from a release that is above and beyond in both beauty and inspiration. This list is no means definitive, or exclusive.

Below are the links to the releases, as well as links to the artist websites (for compilations, only links to the releases). I favor each of these for specific reasons which I'll explain. On we go......

Sunday, December 17, 2017

camping under the stars volume 3 (rebirth)

It is time once again, dear listen, to recognize and celebrate those who grace BANDCAMP with the presence of their aural artistry. I'm continuously inspired and in awe of the amazing vibes that live and breathe on Bandcamp, searching for a home within our minds and ears. With a small bit of searching, one can reap the benefits of the artistic fruits that creative artists have toiled over, with hopes that their creations will find a new world to take root in and germinate within us. Color your world with this session, and enable your mind's eye to relish the beauty and integrity that these artists present to you. I am but only a lone traveler and advocate among the cosmos that puts the wrapping paper upon the gift with hopes that you will taste the chocolate and search out those that have created the confection for you. No calories will haunt you as you allow yourself to surrender to its addictive nature.