Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the black keys (and the white ones, too)

Being a guitarist, I give my piano playing musician friends a hard time. I accuse them of having no soul since they can't get vibrato, sustain notes without the aid of machinery, and can't bend notes. In other words, they can't do all the cool stuff that guitarists do (keyboards are another story). But to say that they don't emote is a bold statement. Piano covers a lot of ground, even if you can't take it to a campfire (still got them beat!). Just put on most amazing soundtracks and you can feel piano wire delicately gluing the mood to the scene. 
I remember being a young guitarist and sitting in a piano practice room with a big hollowbody guitar. I'd rest the end of the neck somewhere up on the piano, hold down the sustain key, and play really nice add 9 sus 11 chords and listen to the overtones that formed like a cloud, barely dissipating. That could be my first dive into real, live ambient, and those moments have defined a valuable moments in my life.

Friday, August 23, 2013

guest mix: junkyard angel

Admittedly, I search out some odd music a lot of times, just to keep my ear sharp. I am always really stoked by something that can capture my full attention or sit in the background, but it's very hard for music to have an equal footing in each camp. There are even fewer that can keep my attention musically, inspiring me to search the artists involved, and have me floored from beginning to end with an anxious anticipation of each approaching colorful scene. Now, I have to say that I post mixes that I wish I had created myself. When I hear these mixes, I am happy that someone created this with the hopes that anyone would possibly hear this, not even realizing that this someone was me. I like to think that they made it for me, because its mood fits whatever I'm feeling at the time, as if to say 'here's the current soundtrack to your life's situation'. Those kinds of mixes stay in your head, swimming around, building your addiction to their sonic offerings.

Friday, August 9, 2013

guest mix: omul nou

As a 'sleep DJ', I'm always searching for others in the same business. I have to say that I'm pretty blown away by the whole scene of creators and our common mission of easing the tension created by a turbulent world. We all in a sense pay respects to Dave at LOWLIGHT MIXES for essentially paving a lot of the way for us to do what we do (he wasn't the first, but he's been so dedicated and consistent throughout the years that he may as well be the first). Dave got me into all of this in the first place, and through tons of badgering and questions, he got me up and running. So I'm constantly on the lookout for others that do what we do, and use Mixcloud to discover and communicate.

Friday, August 2, 2013

cosmic voyage of the mind

It's time to get back within your mental spaceship for another cosmic endeavor. I've been digesting a good share of space music, and have been fine tuning the craft for a peaceful journey to the deep, quiet spaces within your mind. I trust that you've gotten your pre-flight briefing and that there are no questions. Feel free to use electronic devices during any part of flight (mental snapshots are encouraged). There will be an in-flight meal of relaxing cosmic energy, as well as morsels of mind nourishment. You are advised to check your negative energy and bad vibe baggage in at check-in. These burdens will be stowed under the craft and will more than likely dropped from the sky like a hot potato at some point during the trip. Do not let this sadden you.

If at any time during the flight you feel mental weightlessness, feel free to engage this phenomenon with subdued vigor. Letting go of yourself will bring you great peace and it has to be noted that it is the journey and the destination that provides you with renewal. It must also be noted that the destination for each traveling soul will be different from the next. Searching peace and elation is our next stop. Make sure that your sleep belts are fastened, you have been properly hydrated, and enjoy your flight.