Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

guest mix: southern depot

For this episode, I'm choosing to host a beautiful downloadable mix by SOUTHERN DEPOT. Like many DJ's that I post, Southern Depot is an avid artist-photographer. I got to peek as some really amazing shots (and inquired about the editing, natch) at his FLICKR site and his INSTAGRAM site. Like me (but way better), he is all about shooting pics with the trusty old camera phone (in my case, a Samsung S4; in his case, an HTC One). I really like to see how good of a picture that I can get with such simple means (and affordability). While I'm taking pictures of nature and land, SD prefers to take pictures of gloves. While some might think that this is odd, I think it's a very unique and individual taste that shows a certain dedication to a specific form of art. That's called focus. I don't have that (unfortunately).

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

review: '+' by Bubble

I try to keep my ear to the wire and check out new artists from Bandcamp, and a lot stuff I review a lot before I even think about making a purchase (more often than not, I prefer the cheap route!). I just recently had the opportunity of discovering a new artist whose music I've used on the last mix ([SLOWLY DRIFTING] LIGHT YEARS AWAY) named BUBBLE. Bubble is capable of weaving a sonic tapestry that encompasses the universe, bringing in dark moments to the light and casting shadows on the heat. With his minimal approach, he is nonetheless able to cover a lot of ground. Like most of the ambient that really draws me in, one easily takes in a lot of depth from heady but soothing harmonic passages. Simply put, this is a thinking man's (or woman's) ambient. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

tonepoet: so gently we go (bandcamp release)

Yo! I've finally put something out under the 'tonepoet' name (as opposed to infinite_coil) on Bandcamp entitled 'SO GENTLY WE GO'. I'm really pleased by the outcome of this, and actually had some mastering done on it. If you have a chance, please check it out and give me some feedback!

To quote the narrative from the Bandcamp page:

"'So Gently We Go' is a half composed and half improvised release rich in harmonic and melodic structure for ears and minds that crave a colorful soundtrack to their lives. Every song was heavily scrutinized for its characteristic offering, each sound calibrated to perfection, and each mood carefully tweaked. The music was meticulously crafted with live ambient guitar soundscapes and later enhanced with various samples and field recordings. 'So Gently We Go' captures experiences and feelings and turns them into aural voyages. Each song was done using a variety of equipment and recording techniques. The end result is an offering rich in traveling within dark and light sonic universes. I hope that my vision and way of communicating through color reaches you in a soulful and meaningful way."

Additionally, I'm now sporting a new blog for my particular artist releases (which will include the infinite_coil stuff) and that can be found HERE. It's essentially like the infinite_coil blog (I exported everything), just with a few tweaks (with more coming). Looking forward to doing some more things in the coming year! Peace.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

guest mix: silas

Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions with a requested mix from SILAS. I've had the extreme fortune of letting this mix permeate my mind for quite some time now and have picked up on the subtle nuances that flow between sections (although there are realistically no 'sections'; the whole mix is a consistent journey of seamless flow). What we are presented with is a rich wealth of soundscapes, moods, and colors that are contemplative and cerebral. As much as I think most ambient mixes can be a passage into the subconscious depths of slumber, this mix is one that must be taken in while fully attentive of its intensity and directional flow. If Pink Floyd did an ambient-ish concept album, it would sound like this.

Silas has managed to define, establish, and destroy the fine boundaries of music that encompass ambient elements, and has created cinematic brain food. He's rewritten ambient structure in his own majestic style, and weaved such an amazing tapestry balancing depth with sound. His use of darker themes and degraded colors meld with vinyl flavors. When a presentation like this comes along, I can't help but feel as though it's a very long time in the making (edit: I was told it was 5 or 6 months in the making, ouch!). It definitely makes it difficult to keep up with the imaginative minds of mix gurus like Silas. Much repeated listenings on this to be had, for sure.

Monday, December 9, 2013

facebook and twitter accounts, new label website

Finally trying act big league. I know, I know. I normally avoid Facebook for many reasons, but when I do check it, I always wish that I had a tie in with my hobby (which is Spaceman's Transmissions and all of my other hobbies). I sometimes get a bit tired seeing all of my friends climbing Mt. Everest, reinventing the wheel, and having kids that are clones of Albert Einstein. Tiring. I also created a Twitter account. Corporate slave now.

I'm basically trying to tie in everything that I do so that I can streamline it a little bit. My life is all over the place, with work, kids, bands.............did I mention kids? I've done some new compositions (that's taken me months) as TONEPOET (in lieu of using the artist name infinite_coil anymore) that I'm really proud of. Half composed, half improvised. It's being mastered at the moment. I've also acquired my own domain, and I'm working on fleshing out my netlabel RUSTED SUN (which is really just to serve my interests but make it seem like I'm a really important person). I still have a lot of work to do, but it's a start.

Anyhow, feel free to add, friend, and follow. I'll be updating it as best I can! Peace.

Monday, December 2, 2013

guest mix: junkyard angel (part III)

I've been holding on to this little gem for a little while, and it's been getting a good bit of rotation on the playlist for two obvious reason: 1) it's JUNKYARD ANGEL, and 2) it's bloody great! I've been so very fortunate to have received an exclusive mix gifted to me by Mr. Junkyard Angel. I present you with Dusk Light Shadows. He meant only to share it with me privately, but how can this not be heard by anyone and everyone? Of course, I'm choosing to include it here, as well as on both my MIXCLOUD site and my PODBEAN site. 

Along with this exclusive mix, I'm also bringing you WAITING FOR THE RAIN which he hosted on Mixcloud and I found to be so very mood enhancing. For some reason, when he creates a mix, I live inside the music. Waiting For The Rain sets a particular mood, and its meaning to exist is warranted by its sublime beauty, intensity, and carefully executed (as well as flawlessly delivered) theme.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

(slowly drifting) light years away

After reviewing some new music, I came across STILL POINT by HAMMOCK. I was so overwhelmed with its deep, hypnotic swirl and realized that there was no way I couldn't put it in this mix. I was supposed to be doing a final project for an Organizational Communications class, but now I'm sidetracked with putting this out there. How unfortunate. No, not really (actually finished the class, did quite well in it BTW).

After hearing Still Point, I came up with title immediately. I'm truly inspired right now. And I've created a mix that will take your mind on a peaceful, uplifting, and enlightening journey to the ether of your mind. This mix is multi-purpose: you can sleep to it, you can definitely stay awake to it and have your mind blown, or you can choose a state in between the two. I've carefully mixed and mashed up some very tasty ingredients for your mental departure to the deep corners of solitude and escape.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

radio spot with the slow drift

Really happy to have the golden opportunity for one of my mixes to be broadcast over the airwaves. On Friday (November 22, 2013), THE SLOW DRIFT, which streams a show on the listener supported station WRFI.ORG, is hosting my brand new mix (entitled (Slowly Drifing) Light Years Away) at 7:00 EST! Really stoked!! Super special thanks to Andrew Hoffman who is the gracious host that granted me this amazing opportunity. I will be posting the non-edited for radio version here on Spaceman's Transmissions on Friday, and the radio version will be available on The Slow Drift website. 

All prior broadcasts are available on The Slow Drift website (listed above), and can also be streamed from Andrew's MIXCLOUD PAGE. Make sure that you tune in each and every episode, Andrew has one of the best features supporting ambient artists and his show is the best hour of anyone's week. Peace.

Turn on, definitely tune in (to WRFI!), sleep...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

guest mix: the silent project

Welcome to another edition of Spaceman's Transmissions with the sublime beauty of TUMULTES, a really peaceful (and requested) mix from THE SILENT PROJECT. I've been wearing this mix out a lot lately. It's spinning at the house, it receives play in the car, and gets regular rotation on the media player. Most importantly, it lives comfortably on the phone, which is reserved for extra amazing sonic pleasures. If I could eat this mix, I would. Trust me, I'm trying to figure out a way!

The Silent Project is a sonic architect that hails from Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe; city that resembles New Orleans in many ways. The cultures and lifestyles of the two cities are quite similar, and the history is shared (I'll have to read up on that a bit, as I've spent some hazy weeks in New Orleans). Despite living in the city, Greg spends a good amount of time in the nature, and that tunes his ear for making such deep masterpieces. He's always looking for the beauty and elegance in the world through way of music (minimalistic forms such as post-rock, or neo-classical), literature (Dostoyevsky), sports (like surfing, very cool), and science and this is reflected in his outlook for the mixes that he creates, and his time as a fundamental researcher for mathematics explains his interest in abstraction. This all culminates in his broad reception of sources for enhancing his life through music. And while he doesn't have a favorite artist that he gravitates towards, he definitely seems to favor labels such as MILLE PLATEAUX (the first period), WARP, KRANKY (me, too!), TYPE, TOUCH, and  RASTER-NOTON.

The Silent Project spent some years as a DJ/composer under the name UssF, mainly spinning minimal techno and minimal house (although away from the boards, the preferred listening music of his choice was ambient and electronica). When he had the chance to move abroad and travel, he decided that it was high time to quit the techno scene and focus on what would become The Silent Project. Glad he did, as we are rewarded with rich sonic outings such as what I'm presenting here to you.

There are so many wonderful woven textures within, so I'm hosting 3 mixes from The Silent Project. You will find immense depth within the selections, and be rewarded with great peace. You can also follow The Silent project in a number of ways; first there is his FACEBOOK page (follow him and get updates), download the latest mixes from SOUNDCLOUD, and even purchase his music from BANDCAMP

I'm absolutely sure that you will enjoy these mixes, and you'll be taken in by the same peacefulness that possesses The Silent Project when he mentally mixed these aural delights within the grip of Mother Nature. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

above, beyond

Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions. For this venture, we will set your thought-spacepod up nicely for your cosmic exploration. Delve into your innermost mind capsule for a bit, clear out the thought obstacles that hinder you, and project into a state of enduring peace. This mix is optimized for absolute relaxation and can be used in a number of ways. Mostly, it is to be used for sailing past the clouds, beyond the exosphere, and into the deep void. Using starlight as a beacon is permitted. However, do not be distracted by unnecessary influences such as random useless thoughts of anything but your creative flow. As you drift among the cosmos, reflect upon the beauty that life offers, and celebrate that. Upon reentry, your focus will be calibrated and thoughts will be aligned with purpose and motivation.

I purposely tried to mix it up with many diverse styles of music. A bit of ambient, a dash of shoegaze, and a smattering of ethnic colors. For me, and hopefully for you, it kept things a bit interesting. I've got some great guest mixes lined up, and this mix was inspired by those around me that are creating some amazing things. Once again, I'm revising the format of the track listing to make it easier on the eyes (and I promise, at least for quite a while, this will be my last revision).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

10,000 (that's a lot!)

Just want to say 'thanks' to you (whoever and wherever you are) for helping this humble blog reach 10,000 hits. I really didn't expect any at all, so I'm pretty stoked. I hope that you find great peace and mind expansion in taking in what I've been able to offer. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


Friday, October 18, 2013

guest mix: akrrrs

So far, I've been absolutely blessed with receiving and reviewing all the of the mixes that I've requested to host. Almost all of what I've gotten have been posted in some manner already, I just do my best to help them get 'out there' any way that I can, because I believe that such incredible mood altering expressions need a bigger outlet. This time, I was afforded with an absolutely new song, and allowed to upload it to Mixcloud, and post it here. Way stoked about this!

For this posting, I bring you AKRRRS, who is a fairly recent discovery of mine that has caught my attention through his Dream Sequence series. I've downloaded quite a lot of them via his MIXCRATE page (you will need to create an account to download anything there), and I've had some serious tranquil moments while taking in the deep, soothing sounds that encompass my ears and mind. The music that I've been fortunate to have gathered has prompted me to make a special bedtime playlist which I absolutely cherish. He seems to have an incredible library of consistently great music, and creates such beautiful soundscapes with them. His mixes consistently take me to a horizon upon the outer reaches of the mental solar system, and set me down gently in complete solitude. Not only does akrrrs create such masterful mixes, his artwork for his mixes are absolutely unrivaled and express the beauty of the mixes on the visual front. After taking in his mixes, your mind will be clear, your stamina increased (post-nap). You'll also notice an increase in mental energy, logic and reasoning, and clarity. And libido. No, I'm not kidding, it's science, and totally proven, I think. Uh, trust me...

Friday, October 11, 2013

guest mix: faction

For this guest mix, I bring you one of the most diverse mixes that I've had the pleasure in hosting. I was contacted by FACTION not to long ago about hosting a mix. I gladly gave his mix POD ): 101 a listen and was not quite ready to be so completely blown away like I was! It's really a very rare treat to find someone whose ears and mind are so big that they create an epic like this with so many elements, colors, moods, transitions, and dynamics in one sitting. It's mind boggling how many different songs (38!) are in the ingredients list, but it comes off like a really deep concept album more so than a mix. Listening to this, you easily get the sense that Faction just hears things differently. Everyone who creates mixes manages to pull things together and try to create their own voice with what's available. Faction is speaking in tongues.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

daydreams at nightfall

For me, the saddest time is not winter, but the approach of fall. I don't hate the fall season. I love it! But knowing that summer and the vibe it has brought is withering into a memory is a hard pill to swallow. In summer, I'm invincible; I am reborn with every hot burst of sun, thriving to gather the energy of every new day, leaving little or no wasted moments in my wake. Every summer day is a new awakening, brought about by the renewed anticipation of Mother Earth's sun-song upon us. Get the point? I freakin' LOVE summer so much that it pains me to see it dissolve.

The first thing that I notice is a shortened day. Just a few days ago (and it's been a while since I've actually realized this and posted this narrative), I was fully aware that it was dark at 8 o'clock in the evening (edit: at this time, even sooner). Already. Sadness is upon me. Next, the leaves shed new colors and die, and the sky will be overcast with impending change. But all good things must end.

Friday, October 4, 2013

the slow drift radio broadcast

This is not a personal mix, or even a guest mix, but rather a bit of praise to an amazing resource that I've found (via Mixcloud) of new ambient music. The Slow Drift not only has a MIXCLOUD page, but a WEBSITE as well where the mixes can be downloaded, and the mixes are just great.

I've gone through 3 episodes (so far) at work today, and I'm really happy with what I've heard. There are quite a bit of ranges of color, and I'm gladly taking them all in. I like the fact that even the downloadable mixes feel a bit nostalgic like radio (in a good way, no advertising!) with Andrew giving us a bit of insight to the presented songs. Very nice. I'm looking forward to catching my first broadcast tonight!

You can hear The Slow Drift's broadcasts on Friday nights from 7:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time in the US) on WRFI Community Radio (88.1 FM in Ithaca, NY or 91.9 in Watkins Glen, NY). Better yet, you can stream live from and take in fresh new sounds of ambient (I've heard all brand new stuff so far, pretty stoked about it!).

Be sure to pay Andrew a visit and tune in, turn on, sleep. Peace.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

guest mix: lepque

For this guest mix I present you, the listener, with an absolutely stellar outing from an ambient DJ that hails from Hungary. Not only that, but the only female ambient DJ in Hungary. How cool is that? Beyond a measurable scale of incredibly cool. 

LEPQUE started out as a radio DJ, but got the bug for digging into ambient via Peter Namlook and Jonn Serrie, and has been fighting for the pure ambient style for over 10 years now. The name 'Lepque' is a play on the word 'Lepke', which means butterfly in Hungarian. She claims that it comes from the moth symbol. Just as a moth seeks the light, but dies when reaching it, Lepque also prefers to stay in the background, within the cool and soothing darkness.

When not preaching the gospel of ambient at a number of festivals at Ozora, the Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival, Waha, and many others, she's afforded the opportunity to spread her art in the club scene as well as radio. When performing at festivals, she is the lone wolf, representing the weary in their unique and mysterious space. In this world, she takes pleasure in witnessing thousands giving in to the sandman as she weaves her sleep-inducing sonic yarn. Seeing the happy faces the next morning proves that it's not just dance music that is welcome at festivals.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

guest mix: junkyard angel (part II)

I know that I've already had JUNKYARD ANGEL recently guest on a mix, but this one to me is a real mind blowing epic. I'm really drawn in by the theme of it, and the subtle blend of each approaching color. I grew up on the coast, and visiting the oceans is nowhere near the same as growing up there. There is a sense of comfort for the soul that lives there, and in my opinion, this mix by Junkyard Angel captures the peaceful and beautiful vibe with an extreme accuracy.

We've conversed about the importance of the ocean in our lives, and it has equal impact upon us. The waters can be unforgiving for those who seek to conquer it, but offer solace for those who respect it. Perhaps Junkyard Angel can put his thoughts into words best:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

lose yourself, find yourself

(from Webster's Dictionary)

imag·i·na·tion noun \i-ˌma-jə-ˈnā-shən\

1: the act, process, or power of forming a mental picture of something not present especially of something one has not known or experienced
2: creative ability
3: a creation of the mind

Creative thought is a basic sense that we are born with, but grows dull as we suppress its misalignment within modern society. Stop saying silly things, stay within the lines, act like a grown up. We are molded to learn how to act based on 'more mature' peers within our age group, sacrificing our creative soul. I have say, when you have kids, you go one way or the other. On one hand, you can act like a 'normal' parent, with strict rules and norms that society expects, monitoring the 'fun meter'. On the other hand, one could revert to being  a child, in order to gain a greater understanding. The alleged 'adult child' will begin adopting the mannerisms of their offspring, gaining a second wind of their childhood and doing such juvenile things such as making faces at the dinner table for a laugh, reading comic books and watching cartoons together, and so on.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

guest mix: L.D.R.

I'm very excited to be awarded the opportunity to host a mix by this gentleman. L.D.R. hails from Sweden, and has some of the most eccentrically cool and diverse music that graces Mixcloud. I originally asked for a single mix quite a while back, just to give it a few listens to when on my daily commute. Those listens warranted an addition to my media player's 'Bike Ride' playlist, which is highly restricted to the best of the best (fewer than 4 tunes have made it on there in 2 years). FROM DUSK TILL DAWN HANGOVER MIX 2013 happened to be the mix that made it to the coveted playlist. What that means is that on my bike rides (13 miles, 20 kilometers or up to 30 miles, 48 kilometers if I'm not being a sissy) I play this playlist in shuffle mode, and for that one hour I'm locked in. Everything that I play in this playlist gives me the same buzz I got when I heard it the first time. Basically the music is my fuel, and without it I'm a hot mess.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

amazing time-lapse space video

I surf the web at night (like most people), and found an amazing video I want to share. For some reason, it really made an impact on me. Enjoy!

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the black keys (and the white ones, too)

Being a guitarist, I give my piano playing musician friends a hard time. I accuse them of having no soul since they can't get vibrato, sustain notes without the aid of machinery, and can't bend notes. In other words, they can't do all the cool stuff that guitarists do (keyboards are another story). But to say that they don't emote is a bold statement. Piano covers a lot of ground, even if you can't take it to a campfire (still got them beat!). Just put on most amazing soundtracks and you can feel piano wire delicately glueing the mood to the scene. 

I remember being a young guitarist and sitting in a piano practice room with a big hollowbody guitar. I'd rest the end of the neck somewhere up on the piano, hold down the sustain key, and play really nice add 9 sus 11 chords and listen to the overtones that formed like a cloud, barely dissipating. That could be my first dive into real, live ambient, and those moments have defined a valuable moments in my life.

Friday, August 23, 2013

guest mix: junkyard angel

Admittedly, I search out some odd music a lot of times, just to keep my ear sharp. I am always really stoked by something that can capture my full attention or sit in the background, but it's very hard for music to have an equal footing in each camp. There are even fewer that can keep my attention musically, inspiring me to search the artists involved, and have me floored from beginning to end with an anxious anticipation of each approaching colorful scene. Now, I have to say that I post mixes that I wish I had created myself. When I hear these mixes, I am happy that someone created this with the hopes that anyone would possibly hear this, not even realizing that this someone was me. I like to think that they made it for me, because its mood fits whatever I'm feeling at the time, as if to say 'here's the current soundtrack to your life's situation'. Those kinds of mixes stay in your head, swimming around, building your addiction to their sonic offerings.

Friday, August 9, 2013

guest mix: omul nou

As a 'sleep DJ', I'm always searching for others in the same business. I have to say that I'm pretty blown away by the whole scene of creators and our common mission of easing the tension created by a turbulent world. We all in a sense pay respects to Dave at LOWLIGHT MIXES for essentially paving a lot of the way for us to do what we do (he wasn't the first, but he's been so dedicated and consistent throughout the years that he may as well be the first). Dave got me into all of this in the first place, and through tons of badgering and questions, he got me up and running. So I'm constantly on the lookout for others that do what we do, and use Mixcloud to discover and communicate.

Friday, August 2, 2013

cosmic voyage of the mind

It's time to get back within your mental spaceship for another cosmic endeavor. I've been digesting a good share of space music, and have been fine tuning the craft for a peaceful journey to the deep, quiet spaces within your mind. I trust that you've gotten your pre-flight briefing and that there are no questions. Feel free to use electronic devices during any part of flight (mental snapshots are encouraged). There will be an in-flight meal of relaxing cosmic energy, as well as morsels of mind nourishment. You are advised to check your negative energy and bad vibe baggage in at check-in. These burdens will be stowed under the craft and will more than likely dropped from the sky like a hot potato at some point during the trip. Do not let this sadden you.

If at any time during the flight you feel mental weightlessness, feel free to engage this phenomenon with subdued vigor. Letting go of yourself will bring you great peace and it has to be noted that it is the journey and the destination that provides you with renewal. It must also be noted that the destination for each traveling soul will be different from the next. Searching peace and elation is our next stop. Make sure that your sleep belts are fastened, you have been properly hydrated, and enjoy your flight.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

guest mix: melmoth_the_wanderer

The greatest joy that I get from going to Mixcloud is discovering new music. New music means new artists to discover. HGTR's ODES TO THE SEA mix is the first thing (and usually the only) that I spin for my every other day bike rides around the BWI airport loop (12.5 miles or 20 kilometers); it has made an impact upon me for sure because of the newness of it and its diversity. Being a musician, I absolutely thrive on discovering new sounds, progressions, and styles, and it's a really big deal to me to discover a completely new direction of music and mixing.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

infinite_coil (part II)

I've just released some new stuff that I had recorded a while back and decided to give away under the INFINITE_COIL name, natch (note: this will now lead to my new artist site as I'm now going under the name 'Tonepoet'). With summer here, it's really difficult to lay things down when there's so much fun stuff to do outside (fly kites, ride bikes, play baseball, and so on...). 

I also have planned to do some collaborative things with a few admired musicians in the future, really anxious about that (!). You can download SOAR from few different places: the BANDCAMP page or the ARCHIVE.ORG page. I hope that you enjoy the music! Peace.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

new things

Hello, space travellers. I'm in the process of updating a few things, and working with some others that are in the mix creation business. I've also been fortunate enough to receive (upon request) some mixes from a few people that I've discovered via Mixcloud, and I'll be posting them here (stoked about this!). 

I'll also be posting some artist reviews in the near future (I've created the page, just need to post it after getting a few things up). I received an amazingly generous review by PETAL for my work with Harmony & Decay (you can read the review HERE). I'm really pretty amazed by some of the things that I've actually been spinning recently. I've been doing 12 mile (20 kilometer) bike rides every few days and it has allowed me to put the earbuds in and take in amazing sights (BWI airport loop) and amazing sounds. Some original artists, some podcast, all of it inspiring.

I'm also working on some new music, new sounds, and new recordings. I've been doing a lot of playing lately, and I'm ready to release some new things shortly. The holdup is hearing other amazing artists and wishing I could do what they did. 

Also, if you look at the top, you'll see that I've moved the links to 'Favorites'. This will allow me to (hopefully) unclutter the site a bit. Well, enjoy my mixes, stay tuned for guest mixes from inspiring creators and, as always, turn on, tune in, sleep...


Thursday, June 6, 2013

melancholy (part II)

Guten Tag (oder Morgen, Abend.........wasimmer), wie geht's? Mir geht's gut, danke. Just trying to keep up with old skills, sorry. Like the very first mix that I did (MELANCHOLY), this outing is a representation of a nostalgic period in my life. Perhaps it's the vibe, or a certain sound within the songs that I pick up on. Having must moved (a big event in my life, and I mark those events by what I listen to), I find a comfort in the songs presented here, and I have been bouncing these songs off of my mind for a little bit now.

I just recently discovered Petal, and this song more than others is a composition direction that I'd like to explore. I'm going to pick his song apart and find out what makes it magical to me. World Without End is the perfect song to open this mix up with. It creates the right atmosphere for me to get my head right. I'm actually quite (justifiably) jealous of Petal's composition skills and tones, and in particular on this piece. Be sure to pay him a visit at either his blog (PETAL) or his artist page at Earth Mantra (EARTH MANTRA - PEDAL). He also gave me a killer review on my release with Harmony & Decay (thanks, man!!).

Sunday, April 21, 2013

don't wake me (nocturnal liftoff)

If you're needing something to help you get to sleep, I have managed to brew up something very tasty. It's all natural, allergen and gluten-free. It will reduce your stress, balance your Chakra, help you search your Chi, know what? I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I've consulted the best sleep masters to bring you peace in drifting among the stars, and create a warm sense of foreboding slumber. Don't be afraid to sleep, but rather let the music ease you into your state of letting go. This mix will guide you to and through the cosmos, and I've put it through rigorous (but stress free) tests and have reached the conclusion that it's safe with medications.

Monday, March 25, 2013

guest mix: HGTR

I really just want to put this mix out here, even though it's not mine. I'm very much in love with the moods that are created in this, and want it to be shared. HGTR did an amazing job of putting this together, both musically and conceptually. I have to say, of all the mixes that I listen to (I download them and listen to them in the car, at night I put them on my iPod and play them, and just sitting at the computer to do anything at all), this one is to me one of the best ones made. The beauty found in some of these songs is unparalleled in my opinion. Have to admit, I'm a bit jealous that I didn't make it myself. But having heard it, I'm glad that it exists. It's not all ambient (most of it's not), but very multi-purpose in that it covers such a range of atmospheres and colors. Oddly, today's my birthday (happy birthday, me!), and the first thing that I did was make some coffee (mocha swirl with coconut cream, my fave), eat some oatmeal, and listen to this!

"And I'm very glad to hear that you think this 'was like a story unfolding, that's exactly what I aimed at and my approach when making these things. Most of the time I don't know what sort of stories is being told - but to me it's more about a sense of a narrative, rather than an actual narrative. Though for 2 of my previous mixes I took the inspiration from books I love and tried to recreate the atmosphere of them through music. 'After Dark', for instance, was directly inspired by the Murakami book of the same name; and I didn't make the connection at the time, but after the mix was finished it suddenly occurred to me how similar it was to the atmosphere of the Twin Peaks series - a very lovely coincidence! I don't know if it's a good thing but 2 years later it still remains the mix I'm most satisfied with. And yes a distinct atmosphere (even though the elements used to create it might be totally different) is another very important aim of mine and also what I'm looking for whenever I listen to something on Mixcloud - so I totally understand when you mentioned 'sleep DJ' and I think you've been doing an excellent job!"

I'm really hoping that HGTR will do some more like this in the future (nudge, nudge). Thanks, HGTR, for this moving piece. You can here the other mixes by HGTR HERE. Enjoy! Peace.


  • 00:00 - Múm - Abandoned Ship Bells 
  • 03:15 - Devics - Lost at Sea 
  • 05:05 - The White Birch - Atlantis 
  • 09:07 - Fovea Hex - Every Evening 
  • 13:01 - Lanterns on the Lake - Ships In The Rain 
  • 14:50 - Yann Tiersen - The Gutter 
  • 18:17 - King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - John Taylor's Month Away 
  • 24:12 - Jónsi & Alex - Daniell In The Sea 
  • 30:19 - Colleen - The Happy Sea 
  • 32:44 - Hua-lampong Riddim & Smallroom - Dangerous Tranquillity 
  • 38:12 - Phaedra - The Sea 
  • 45:21 - Talvihorros - ..And Then They Walked into the Sea 
  • 49:35 - Patti Smith & Kevin Shields - The Coral Sea (Performance I - Part VI) 
  • 57:16 - Lanterns on the Lake - Not Going Back To The Harbour

Sunday, March 3, 2013


When my son was born, I was pretty clueless as to how to even manage taking care of a child. I had read some books, watched some videos, asked a lot of questions, but when the thing cried............ummmm. My wife and I took some advice from a friend of mine who had used the services of a house call baby nurse (is that a real job title?) that was well known in a circle of families with young babies who did all of the visits for free (Alaskan benefit since she was a registered nurse). She came over and did cognitive tests, seeing our son's abilities in reacting to certain stimulus, and finding out what to look for as far as mental development (is he following my voice, does he grab things, and so on).


Hi, everyone. I've just created and posted on BANDCAMP an original project I'm undergoing under the name INFINITE_COIL (note: this will now lead to my new artist site as I'm now going by the name 'Tonepoet'). The music is free, so grab it. 

I'll be working on a mix with some of my own stuff mixed with some others. I shopped my music around (meaning finding a netlabel that would like to post it or whatever), but decided to go it alone and try my hand at creating a netlabel. Currently I developed RUSTED SUN,  [the Bandcamp page is HERE]. I'll also finish creating my Archive. org in the near future. 

I hope that you enjoy the music and that it brings you peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


Sunday, February 24, 2013

in the midst of a dim glow

It seems that 90% of the time that I'm making a mix, it's pretty much when most people are probably sleeping. During this mix, I have to admit, I put my head on the desk a few times. I was initially making a meditation type mix, but looking out my window (during my wake/sleep struggle) at the subtle glow of distant lights prompted me otherwise. This mix is for that, and I'll use it to do my ritual of refusing to knock out just yet so that I can daydream just a little bit more. Hopefully, it will serve you for that purpose as well. Find peace with this mix, and let it bring you down to a sedated state of pre-sleep chill.

Support the artists. And as always, turn on, tune in, sleep...

[as per MarviniusMartinius' request, I am posting this today]

Sunday, January 20, 2013

soundtrack for time travel

I knew that in a prior post I said that I wasn't going to publish commentary, but I think that I can finally break silence at this point. I really want to talk about the mixes that I'm making, and I have some great ones planned.

It's been a while since I was able to post. I bought a new house and made a move over the past month. It was a very mentally and physically taxing process which is actually not over yet (but very, very close). I didn't have internet for a month, which made things difficult (sadly). But now I'm back up, and stoked about that.

This mix was made just before I started packing up my belongings to be moved (I did move all my belongings myself, cleaned and painted, over 10,000 pounds worth of crap). So the mix has been able to simmer a bit, and I've listened to it with great pleasure. I'm extremely excited to have discovered a few new gems (Cosmic Hoffmann, Divinity, and Johan Agebjorn) as well as had the opportunity to work with some reliable others (Adam Fielding, Between Interval, Global Communication).