Thursday, November 27, 2014

swung, shaken, and stirred

If you've been following Spaceman's Transmissions for a bit and have kept your eyes on the guest mixes, you've noticed that I've hosted mixes by FACTION (Ben Selby) on a few occasions. The best part about hosting mixes is corresponding and building a rapport with people (my absolute favorite part of it all). Ben is a super-cool and ultra-knowledgeable music aficionado. He's easily one of my favorite Mixcloud artists that is capable of straddling the perfect balance between surreal and unreal. He's just as comfortable with spacey drones as he is drum 'n bass. Huge imagination, ears like a bat, and a music collection that must be beyond staggering.

Well, Ben got with me not too long ago to return the favor of hosting his mixes, and I was invited to create a mix for BOXFREQUENCY.FM radio. The broadcast was overseen by FATPATCORD (aka Matthew Foord), who is also quite active in the scene as well and close associates with Faction (Thanks, Matthew!). While it was introduced to be somewhat along the same lines of what I currently mix (with slight variations), I decided to create a mix that was very left field for me, even though the only main restriction that I had was that the mix had to be 90 minutes. I decided to give it a name, and as I initially set out to do a spy music set, the name Swung, Shaken, And Stirred seemed appropriate. So, yeah, there you have it. There is absolutely no ambient in this mix (you are forewarned!). Nonetheless, this was a blast to create, and I essentially used a lot of music that I've been into for the last 10 years (I have a ton of electronica/trip hop/nu-jazz). No worries, Spaceman's Transmissions will continue to be what it has been prior to this. If anything, consider this a radical departure to clear the way for new amazing things in the future. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

guest mix: junkyard angel (part V)

It goes without saying that when Paul Simmonds creates a session, it's an aural journey that is ever so carefully and meticulously designed to enhance the senses. This is my 5th guest mix for JUNKYARD ANGEL, and they just keep getting better and better. This one came as an early Christmas present, and I welcome that. I could easily go on and on about the incredible music that Paul stirs into the pot, or how he adds a touch of madness to glue the sonic ingredients, or what-have-you. Suffice it to say that you will find peace and mental renewal within this set.

I CAN HARDLY BREATHE RIGHT NOW is a peaceful (as well as somber and reflective) trip that evolves in colorful ways from dark to light. There is no one better than JA to balance those variables with extremely careful precision. Like all of his mixes, I was drawn into its depth and reassembled as a slightly more aware human. I'm very grateful that I get to take in new music via his channeling of artistic introduction. I hope that the same sensations and sense of elation are gathered by you after taking in this colorful creation. Follow JA on MIXCLOUD and allow him to light your way to new and amazing mixes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

guest mix: the pliability effect

If there's any one person that I follow and read up on through Bandcamp, it's none other than The Pliability Effect, aka BRIAN BOURASSA. I get emails every now and then letting me know who's bought music, and Brian's name is always there. He's my go-to guy as far as getting the pulse on new ambient, and I've made a few purchases based on what I read from Brian. Before I even hear the music, Brian's reviews have already painted a beautiful picture of what's in store by way of his amazingly generous and colorful reviews. In fact, when I did the mix CAMPING UNDER THE STARS, I gave a shout out to Brian in hopes that he would help me in putting together a mix. I finally get my wish!

For some strange reason, Brian got around to contacting me and setting me up with a release that was on my wishlist on Bandcamp (thanks for that, man!). We chatted it up a bit, and I expressed the offer to host a mix for him (he had never done one). I mean, who better would be suited to drive home the point of 'Turn on, tune in, sleep...' more than a gentleman who lives and breathes drone-based ambient music (and proves this weekly to the many people that follow him on BANDCAMP). I won't lie, the first initial test mix he sent put me completely under! Brian knows how to weave, and with this mix he's shown himself to be the Pied Piper that leads your mind to that place. It's funny, but he just took me back my roots of ambient, and am I ever thankful. He's picking soundscapes from the tree of ambient, breathing life into his creation, and delicately serving up the most gentle sounds to get your head right. This mix will live bedside for a very, very long time. I asked Brian to set the record straight on his story, and being the minimalist aficionado that he is, he provided a very appropriately satisfying response without wasted thoughts or words. Truly magic.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

on the threshold of letting go

I've been on tour for a bit, but I'm happy to be able to bring a new mix to the masses. I've managed to piece together an amalgamation of songs that will unlock the creative door to your mind's inner workings. This will give you greater control over the creative juices that color your life and define you as a human being.  While we may not realize it, our mind is the key to the universe. When the gravity of situations bear down upon your mind and soul, look for the pathway that leads to a door that only you can unlock. Within that mental space that only you occupy, keep the things in life that bring you peace and solace within a world that is riddled with turmoil, confusion, and anguish. Your mental universe is much bigger than the world that we know. When the weight of burden and obligation threaten to crush your creativity, energy, and willfulness, realize that you are stronger and better than the situations that surround you. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

new original tracks (and other things)

It's been a bit since I could sit down (for even 10 minutes) at a computer and write a bit. I have a few things going on, and I'm on tour for another 2 weeks so the updates have been a bit slow. Sorry about that. I have a guest mix that I'll be putting up tomorrow, and I've also spent the last few days trying out a few new sounds and recording the results. Not sure what to do with the tracks yet, or even if they are usable. Nonetheless, you can head over the my SOUNDCLOUD page and check out some tracks that I wrote for the next release I plan on getting out (as an EP). The artwork that I've come up with so far is to the left.

For all of your patient souls, I'm currently wrapping up my next mix. It's full of new music that I've been allowing to permeate my soul and become a part of my subconscious. I'm on the verge of having option anxiety with all of the new music that I've been getting lately. I'll have to do about 4 or 5 good mixes to get everything out that has been turning my mind on. 

One last thing: I've done a mix for a radio show My Favorite Things on BOXFREQUENCY RADIO. It is definitely not the normal stuff that I do, but rather an experimental departure of some trip hop/nu-jazz/ethnic electronica. I'm actually pretty excited with what I came up with, and I'm waiting of the final word of my submission. I'll post a link for the music at some point (if all goes well). Regardless of what I do on the side, I will keep Spaceman's Transmissions a very pure and ambient driven venture, no worries. The Facebook page for My Favorite Things is HERE

Alright, that's it. I'm out. Peace.