Sunday, December 21, 2014

holiday greetings and a prosperous, happy new year!

From Spaceman's Transmissions to everyone riding Mothership Earth, I want to wish a very happy holiday season (Merry Christmas for some, including myself), and hoping the best for the New Year in a very joyous, prosperous, and peaceful way. Great things planned for ST, so see you all in the next year. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

my favorite ambient releases of 2014

I'd like to just present a small list of 8 releases born in 2014 that have had a very large impact upon me. I've made many purchases, but most of them are not from this year. This represents only the ambient type music that I listen to and represent a very small amount of the music that I purchased. I did listen to quite a few mixes off of Mixcloud in my free time and this contributed to me having less time to hear anything else (I'm not complaining!). The releases are linked to where you can purchase the music. Be sure to support the artists, and keep dreaming. Peace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

low light mixes best ambient albums of 2014

I'm a huge fan of Dave's Low Light Mixes, and it appears that he's a bit fond of me as well. Really great that I'm placed within his list of BEST AMBIENT ALBUMS OF 2014 (album art is bottom middle). Yeah!! His lists are always worth checking out as he can find some really great music.

Follow Low Light Mixes on MIXCLOUD and of course it goes without saying that you should be checking his page for regular updates on some of the best music ever. Peace.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

review: 'blossom falls' by abstract aprils

It's extremely rare when a debut release from a new artist demands so much attention as this one from ABSTRACT APRILS. It would be an amazing aural feat if there were just a few strong songs on BLOSSOM ENDS. However, Blossom Ends is very, very strong from start to finish. 

Rather than to sitting on drones, hoping for an interesting electronic effect to develop into a theme, we are greeted on the first song with a deep and moving chordal symphony that whispers and moves along. With this protocol of harmonic engagement in place, the album begins its journey into the subconscious realm that breeds positive vibe and flow. Every single song is a deeper dive into harmonic development, rich in organic sounds and carefully developed dynamic themes. If there were one release that makes me hold my breath at times as to not disturb the transitions that shift throughout, this would be it. Blossom Ends is a very careful journey that tips its hat to influences such as Sigur Ros and Hammock, but with an absolute life of its own, capable of creating an identity that rises above its influences.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

a human being is a human dreaming

Hello, fellow space travelers. I'm back with a new ambient mix of some great things that I've been getting into my head lately. First off, I wanted to express the fact that I took the title for this mix from the song of the same title by Maiya Hersey from FUTURESEQUENCE8 (which is included in this mix). Great title, amazing composition. 

When the music begins to drift into your mental space, allow it to form the cloudy blanket that will encompass your good thoughts and filter out the negative turmoil. This incubating layer will form the egg that will eventually hatch your renewal into peace. The aural comfort that you seek will be placed gently upon your physical vessel (known as the human being). Allow your mind to immerse itself into the dream world that awaits. The sanctuary there will breathe new life into your soul and spur a regeneration of creative thoughts, ideas, and tranquility. This is when you truly become the human dreaming. Upon completion of this sequence, the mission will be considered a success.