Sunday, June 30, 2013

infinite_coil (part II)

I've just released some new stuff that I had recorded a while back and decided to give away under the INFINITE_COIL name, natch (note: this will now lead to my new artist site as I'm now going under the name 'Tonepoet'). With summer here, it's really difficult to lay things down when there's so much fun stuff to do outside (fly kites, ride bikes, play baseball, and so on...). 

I also have planned to do some collaborative things with a few admired musicians in the future, really anxious about that (!). You can download SOAR from few different places: the BANDCAMP page or the ARCHIVE.ORG page. I hope that you enjoy the music! Peace.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

new things

Hello, space travellers. I'm in the process of updating a few things, and working with some others that are in the mix creation business. I've also been fortunate enough to receive (upon request) some mixes from a few people that I've discovered via Mixcloud, and I'll be posting them here (stoked about this!). 

I'll also be posting some artist reviews in the near future (I've created the page, just need to post it after getting a few things up). I received an amazingly generous review by PETAL for my work with Harmony & Decay (you can read the review HERE). I'm really pretty amazed by some of the things that I've actually been spinning recently. I've been doing 12 mile (20 kilometer) bike rides every few days and it has allowed me to put the earbuds in and take in amazing sights (BWI airport loop) and amazing sounds. Some original artists, some podcast, all of it inspiring.

I'm also working on some new music, new sounds, and new recordings. I've been doing a lot of playing lately, and I'm ready to release some new things shortly. The holdup is hearing other amazing artists and wishing I could do what they did. 

Also, if you look at the top, you'll see that I've moved the links to 'Favorites'. This will allow me to (hopefully) unclutter the site a bit. Well, enjoy my mixes, stay tuned for guest mixes from inspiring creators and, as always, turn on, tune in, sleep...


Thursday, June 6, 2013

melancholy (part II)

Guten Tag (oder Morgen, Abend.........wasimmer), wie geht's? Mir geht's gut, danke. Just trying to keep up with old skills, sorry. Like the very first mix that I did (MELANCHOLY), this outing is a representation of a nostalgic period in my life. Perhaps it's the vibe, or a certain sound within the songs that I pick up on. Having must moved (a big event in my life, and I mark those events by what I listen to), I find a comfort in the songs presented here, and I have been bouncing these songs off of my mind for a little bit now.

I just recently discovered Petal, and this song more than others is a composition direction that I'd like to explore. I'm going to pick his song apart and find out what makes it magical to me. World Without End is the perfect song to open this mix up with. It creates the right atmosphere for me to get my head right. I'm actually quite (justifiably) jealous of Petal's composition skills and tones, and in particular on this piece. Be sure to pay him a visit at either his blog (PETAL) or his artist page at Earth Mantra (EARTH MANTRA - PEDAL). He also gave me a killer review on my release with Harmony & Decay (thanks, man!!).