Sunday, September 22, 2013

guest mix: lepque

For this guest mix I present you, the listener, with an absolutely stellar outing from an ambient DJ that hails from Hungary. Not only that, but the only female ambient DJ in Hungary. How cool is that? Beyond a measurable scale of incredibly cool. 

LEPQUE started out as a radio DJ, but got the bug for digging into ambient via Peter Namlook and Jonn Serrie, and has been fighting for the pure ambient style for over 10 years now. The name 'Lepque' is a play on the word 'Lepke', which means butterfly in Hungarian. She claims that it comes from the moth symbol. Just as a moth seeks the light, but dies when reaching it, Lepque also prefers to stay in the background, within the cool and soothing darkness.

When not preaching the gospel of ambient at a number of festivals at Ozora, the Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival, Waha, and many others, she's afforded the opportunity to spread her art in the club scene as well as radio. When performing at festivals, she is the lone wolf, representing the weary in their unique and mysterious space. In this world, she takes pleasure in witnessing thousands giving in to the sandman as she weaves her sleep-inducing sonic yarn. Seeing the happy faces the next morning proves that it's not just dance music that is welcome at festivals.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

guest mix: junkyard angel (part II)

I know that I've already had JUNKYARD ANGEL recently guest on a mix, but this one to me is a real mind blowing epic. I'm really drawn in by the theme of it, and the subtle blend of each approaching color. I grew up on the coast, and visiting the oceans is nowhere near the same as growing up there. There is a sense of comfort for the soul that lives there, and in my opinion, this mix by Junkyard Angel captures the peaceful and beautiful vibe with an extreme accuracy.

We've conversed about the importance of the ocean in our lives, and it has equal impact upon us. The waters can be unforgiving for those who seek to conquer it, but offer solace for those who respect it. Perhaps Junkyard Angel can put his thoughts into words best:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

lose yourself, find yourself

(from Webster's Dictionary)

imag·i·na·tion noun \i-ˌma-jə-ˈnā-shən\

1: the act, process, or power of forming a mental picture of something not present especially of something one has not known or experienced
2: creative ability
3: a creation of the mind

Creative thought is a basic sense that we are born with, but grows dull as we suppress its misalignment within modern society. Stop saying silly things, stay within the lines, act like a grown up. We are molded to learn how to act based on 'more mature' peers within our age group, sacrificing our creative soul. I have say, when you have kids, you go one way or the other. On one hand, you can act like a 'normal' parent, with strict rules and norms that society expects, monitoring the 'fun meter'. On the other hand, one could revert to being  a child, in order to gain a greater understanding. The alleged 'adult child' will begin adopting the mannerisms of their offspring, gaining a second wind of their childhood and doing such juvenile things such as making faces at the dinner table for a laugh, reading comic books and watching cartoons together, and so on.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

guest mix: L.D.R.

I'm very excited to be awarded the opportunity to host a mix by this gentleman. L.D.R. hails from Sweden, and has some of the most eccentrically cool and diverse music that graces Mixcloud. I originally asked for a single mix quite a while back, just to give it a few listens to when on my daily commute. Those listens warranted an addition to my media player's 'Bike Ride' playlist, which is highly restricted to the best of the best (fewer than 4 tunes have made it on there in 2 years). FROM DUSK TILL DAWN HANGOVER MIX 2013 happened to be the mix that made it to the coveted playlist. What that means is that on my bike rides (13 miles, 20 kilometers or up to 30 miles, 48 kilometers if I'm not being a sissy) I play this playlist in shuffle mode, and for that one hour I'm locked in. Everything that I play in this playlist gives me the same buzz I got when I heard it the first time. Basically the music is my fuel, and without it I'm a hot mess.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

amazing time-lapse space video

I surf the web at night (like most people), and found an amazing video I want to share. For some reason, it really made an impact on me. Enjoy!

Turn on, tune in, sleep...